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Marble Hex (12.8" X 12.8")

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  • This stunning Spanish mosaic tile combines a beautiful Carrara marble look and feel with the maintainability of glass tile. It's also environmentally friendly -- made of 100% recycled materials. 

    Please note that samples of this mosaic are one quarter of the full sheet size

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  • Material: Glass
    Suitable for: Residential and Commercial Walls
    Origin: Almazora, Spain
    Size: 12.8" X 12.8" (per sheet, each sheet contains 108 individual hexagons)
    Thickness: 0.4"
    Weight per box: 24 lbs
    Special installation instructions: None
    Sheen: Matte
    Water absorption: <0.5%
    PEI durability rating: 3
    Slip rating: N/A -- wall tile
    Other certifications: Very High Chemical Resistance (resists most household chemicals and cleaners); Very High Stain Resistance (stains lift with hot water); Crazing Resistance

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